The Reason for Existence


The reason for existence (not just our existence but all existences – meaning including all other existences that possibly exist  – nothing is excluded – THAT existence) is to experience ALL possibilities. The Supreme Creator is forever creating worlds and existences – every possible one including everything that could possibly happen – EVERYTHING. Our reason for being is to experience everything, and all of it done for the infinity of time (if there is such a thing as time) and all in the same moment. The oneness of being in the one moment. Oneness – meaning to be at one with every possible moment within the one moment. All and everything at once.

We are just one tiny fragment of that… until we become it too. Because that is another possibility… and the way home to it.

Our entire existence is the vastnesses of infinity. No bounds. Everything. And yet it is nothing. Or maybe almost nothing. Just a dot, a tiny point in the void. Like a period in the middle of a blank white page.

The Yin and the Yang. Everything and nothing. But then I ask

What is beyond that?

Because even that concept was built in the world of mind. My mind. In my mental world I am the creator. I am God.


That awareness is the answer to true enlightenment in the mental world. 

But what’s beyond THAT –  beyond the mental world?

The world of spirit. 

And what’s beyond the spirit world and the worlds beyond that and the worlds beyond them? 


So what is our conscious role in all of this? We seeds that grow into an ever expanding consciousness, starting as the most basic organism and evolving into a bodiless supreme mind.

That means our souls, our essence is in a similar evolutionary trajectory. Our spirits are evolving as well – from unconscious to super conscious.

We have near endless lifetimes to achieve this state of super consciousness because we are older than our human body’s in this ever expanding time line of existence.

And we are here.

At this moment of time.

In this place in the vastness of space and spaces.

Yeah, we’ve got a long way to go. Enjoy the ride!

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