Timothy Boggs

I have taught Cleansing Yoga and Meditation, mostly informally and one on one for about 20 years. In 2022 I began a Zoom meditation class simply called “Open Meditation,” meaning it is open to anyone who wants to sit and practice with me. That online class is held every Sunday morning at 8am Pacific. The class is always free and open to all. 

I first learned this form of meditation in 1975 by my mentor Audle Allison and have been a practitioner of it for nearly 50 years. The techniques I teach are simple to learn and highly effective when practiced. When done correctly and regularly, these techniques bring clarity to one’s mind and a sense of internal peace to those who practice. Cleansing Yoga and Meditation can relieve stress in both the mind and body as well as stimulate the creative flow. I like it a lot. 

These techniques are mostly practiced in two stages. After an initial stretching and relaxation period, I instruct what is called “Running the Energy.” This involves taking control of our natural life-force energy (Chi) and moving it through the body to cleanse and clear it of the unwanted junk that often accumulates in our body and interrupts our natural flow of energy; balancing and harmonizing our internal energetic state. While it may take a little bit of time for some students to become aware of this energy, I have found that most of my students pick up on it rather quickly. 

After running the energy three full times we move on to the second part of the exercise – “Sitting in the Peace.” This is where, after we have cleansed our body with healing life-force energy, we simply sit in the flow of it and allow this light to fill us as we go deeper and deeper into a very peaceful meditative state. 

It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to run the energy, and I usually keep the meditation to between 20 and 30 minutes, or roughly 45 minutes total start to finish. That leaves a few minutes of time for answering any questions students may have and still be finished within an hour block of time. But of course on their own, any practitioner can take as much time as they want to fully enjoy the benefits of the exercise.