Contemplative Art

In my search for inner peace I often seek physical places of refuge – generally a beautiful and quiet location where I feel safe and secure, a place where I can allow my body and mind to relax and open up to that deep peace that lay within. However there are times (most times) when we cannot physically get up and leave where we are and travel to some beautiful oasis because our daily responsibilities hold precedent over our peaceful needs and desires. So what do we do?

Over the years I have had great pleasure creating beautiful images using photographic and digital editing techniques. I call these images “Contemplative Art.” In times of stress, simply come to this page and click on an image that calls to you. Stare deeply into the image and try to let go. Just breath and relax. Allow yourself to become absorbed by the picture. Feel the stress and tension dissolve and wash away. Try not to think too much about the image. Just let go, and let the peace flow over and through you. After a minute, close your eyes and meditate.

Rinse and repeat as needed. Enjoy!