More Thoughts Contemplating the Universe


#1 Investigate energy. Our natural 3 dimensional world can only be seen using a small part of the spectrum. Meaning there is a lot more we can’t see than what we can. Same with our technology – it can detect only a very small part of what is out there – the multitudes of different frequencies and waves. It’s all energy. Our natural world shows us many examples. The waves in water. Smoke patterns. The organization of randomness. Where chaos becomes flowing designs. 

I believe we are all connected by waves of energy. All thought is energy. 

We often sense it but are unable to either measure it or interpret it. We’re not that evolved… at least not yet. But we are moving in that direction.

#2  The difference between want and need is dependent on the amount of energy focused at the desire.

Want is just a lesser form of desire. The more energy one puts toward a desire the more that desire becomes need. It goes beyond simple want. It becomes an overpowering desire that nothing can stop. Want and need are both desires, but need is fundamental to survival while want is merely a luxury to have more. No matter the desire, the more passion and energy you focus toward achieving said desire, the more that desire becomes fundamental to one’s survival. You can’t live without it, so you find a way to achieve it. “Like a drowning man needs air!”

#3 Energy creates magnetism. The more positive energy we put forth, the greater the attraction of like energy to be drawn towards it. We create our “luck” by creating a nurturing vibration for seeds (ideas) to grow. This energy attracts other like-minded souls because their goals are shared. It’s all unseen… but only because we haven’t developed the technology or senses to measure or prove it… 


#4 What if Jesus was an ordinary human being. No “Son of God” or “Messiah” or anything other than being a simple human being who became enlightened and had the balls during the Roman times to speak about it and try to teach it. So he got himself executed (maybe) and his followers created a cult to build a power base to attempt to control the world. 

To me, the greatest crime Christianity committed was turning Jesus into a God.

I believe the truth was that Jesus of Nazareth was a simple man who traveled to the East as a young man, found a spiritual teacher, learned to meditate and found enlightenment. When he returned home some years later he tried to pass that wisdom on to others. But powerful religious leaders of that time and place felt threatened by him. So they conspired to get rid of him little realizing the storm they would unleash. A storm that would lead to millions of deaths and the destruction of civilizations. 

Jesus would’ve wanted none of it. His simple message – “Love one another and do not judge.” If Jesus was who I think he was, he would be horrified by what was created in his name and memory. 

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