You Can’t Force the Universe


You can’t force the Universe. And when I say “Universe,” I mean that force that is beyond our understanding – both the creator, destroyer and the nurturer and guide in between. 

No, you can’t force the Universe to prescribe to a wish or dream we create for ourselves. We can’t create a scenario in our minds and then expect the rest of the world to adhere to our plan. The Universe won’t have any of that. She will not be told what to do. She has a very strong will and refuses to be coerced by a mere human who only thinks it knows better. Most likely, the Universe will listen to our brilliantly laid plan, laugh and proceed to destroy it like waves on a sandcastle.  

So what are we mere humans to do? We want something so bad our body aches. We create a scenario that will insure we capture our prize. We are willing to throw all our hopes, dreams, passion and labor into the achievement of that goal, and yet, if the Universe decides otherwise all of that energy goes for naught.

The first thing us simple mortals must do is to recognize our own smallness – our own relatively insignificance in relationship to the vast universe. We are a speck in time. We mean almost nothing in the grand scheme of things. In other words, we recognize our own humility and we humble ourselves to that knowledge. This is fact. What we want, hope, dream, love, hate, envy, and all other desires does not matter to the vast consciousness of the universal mind – the one. What matters is how we go about achieving those desires, and the reasons for the passions behind them.

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