Does God exist? How can we know?

Oh my child… does a rock believe in the world of mind? No, of course not, because the rock lives solely in the the physical world. 

Just as there are at least 3 dimensions (point, plane and 3rd/physical), there are also at least 3 worlds – physical, mental and spiritual. Each of these worlds is separate from the other. If we judge our lives solely from the perspective of one of these worlds, we must remain locked into the rules of that world. The rock is not mental, though we can think of a rock. A thought is not spiritual, though we can believe in the spirit. Spirit can be aware of both the physical and the mental, but is not bound by their limitations. 

And so this brings us to the concept of God. God is merely a word that represents some greater force or being, some greater concept that exists in a world beyond our physical and our mental worlds. No, this “God” idea may not be the traditional religious “Supreme Being” sitting on some throne in a cloudy heaven world. But is it possible that there is a force that is greater than our own that exists in a world beyond mind (and obviously beyond our physical existence)? 

Now, granted… you may not believe in the spiritual world. How can one prove it exists? But the same question must be asked of the mental world from the perspective of the physical. How can the world of mind exist if you can’t see it, feel it, hear it or taste it. And yet, those of us who use this world of mind know of its existence. We know it so well we take it for granted. 

And so it is in the world of spirit. It cannot be proven in the physical or mental world, because it does not exist there. One must move from the mental world into the spirit world in order to understand it – in order to know it is real. And once there, one can only prove it to oneself that it exists as it is beyond both body and mind – it simply is – as is the concept of God.

Therefore God cannot be proven nor disproven, only experienced. And once experienced, it cannot be denied. How can you describe the taste of chocolate to one who has never tasted it?

And as I end this exercise in mental gymnastics, I give you this bit of contrition. I do not know anything… but I do believe in more. 

And then again, it may all just be bullshit!

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