Subtle Symbionics/Resonant Frequency


If you get to the end of your life and then ask “What does it all mean?” you’ve missed the point. You should not have merely understood what it was, but to have already been living it.

At some point I’ll get back into explaining  the relationship between our lives and reincarnation. How after we drop this body we eventually get another one. We are not given the same mind or personality, nor the memories of the previous lives, but because of our previous incarnations we were able to build a world that more easily catches us up on what we earlier developed. We get the benefit of our previous industry.

We are evolving our body, mind and spirit each lifetime.

So this is where we presently are… wherever and whenever we currently are. Our decisions and actions determine where we will go – what history we will write.

The story.

How we each write our individual stories influences the other organisms on the planet and how they evolve as well.

Subtle symbionics.

And then there is Resonant Frequency and how we each vibrate at different frequencies. The frequencies can influence each other, either feeding or draining one another depending on the energy put into that vibration.

So we must increase both the speed of the frequency and the power. The voltage.

A higher and more powerful vibration so that we may pull the lower vibrating individuals up to a higher one – more harmonious with the Resonant Frequency.

Raising our world vibration.

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