The Virus of Love


Romantic Love is a virus… and it must be contained and killed before it’s able to spread. When a host is infected, Love quickly attacks the heart, then soon moves to the brain. Once the heart and mind are infected there is not much one can do for the host but wait to see if they will survive. Often it’s a long road to recovery, if they ever do… poor sods.

Symptoms of Love:

Heart palpitations 

Shortness of breath



Loss of appetite 

Inability to concentrate 

Occasional muscle spasms in the groin area

Possible Treatments:

Separation from the source of the affliction – 

A move to Alaska or some other very remote location (unless that’s where the source of the affliction is located). Sometimes the separation can cause a temporary increase in symptoms as the host goes through withdraws. But with enough distance and distractions from the source, given enough time the host should be able to recover fully.

Cold showers or baths (often helps to reduce the swelling that causes the muscle spasms.

Distractions (keeping the host’s mind busy so it is not focusing on the source).

If the host is unable to recover from the infection alone, they are seemingly doomed to live a life of eternal heartache and longing. The only hope then is for the Source to embrace and merge with the Host and they live in a shared symbiotic state where both feed off of the other, where one cannot survive without the other and vice versa, and that they eventually transition into a state called “True Love” where their mutual affliction turns into a mutual affection. Only then can there be harmony of heart, mind and spirit, and in many cases the pair can actually manage to have a very loving and fruitful life together.

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