How to Help the Planet


If you really want to help the planet, and like me, have no fucking clue as to how… just start with yourself by helping those around you. Make their lives better, easier, more livable and enjoyable. And by doing so, your world will improve as the good karma ripples out to those around you. And those around you will be influenced by your good vibes and will in turn radiate out goodness to those around them. And those vibes influence others who influence more others and pretty soon those vibes are radiating goodness across the world.

It’s really that simple.

That doesn’t mean we will end war and hunger and strife immediately… 

It just means we are contributing to a positive, non violent way of subtly influencing the world while at the same time improving the lives of ourselves and those around us.

Subtle… but simple…

And no one needs to wear a cape!

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