Where Do Ideas Come From?


Ideas and creative thought are like seeds that rain down from the ether into our subconscious mind. My feeling is that there is either a world beyond us or an unseen (to our eyes) mechanism that is helping humanity and all other beings everywhere move forward in our evolution. This is a constant movement, generally forward, that has been accelerating as the human organism has mentally progressed and propagated (8 billion + on the planet). When an idea is “ripe” and is ready to go into the world of thought, it rains down from the vibration where it is created into the world of mind. Remember, all matter and thought is just energy that vibrates at different frequencies. So it is created in a realm – a plain of consciousness called the Cosmic Mind – an energy field where all pure ideas are initiated. 

These pure and unformed ideas gestate (like a fetus) in a vibrational state, waiting for humanity to begin to vibrate (mentally) at near that same rate. When there is enough need on the planet (and enough minds vibrating that need) the idea falls like rain onto the mental plain. These ideas are not targeted – they are not necessarily sent to a specific mind – but more like they rain down on everyone and only the most fertile minds become aware of the idea. And only in the fertile mind that has cultivated the mechanism to realize the idea does the idea come into form. Many of us may get an idea, but if we haven’t studied that particular field or have the resources to physically put that idea into action, it will sit dormant in our minds and soon forgotten. 

Only those souls who have cultivated a mind that is both receptive to the pure idea and is able to both interpret it and have the ability to bring it into form – to take it out of the ether (mental plane), and move it into the physical will the idea be fully realized. That is why you can have inventors from different backgrounds and located in different parts of the world seemingly come up with the same idea at the same time. The ideas are all around us, but we need to develop our minds – our consciousness – into a vibrational state that can recognize the idea and put it into action. 

It usually depends on where we focus. For some of the recognized great minds in history it was their chosen field of endeavor – the Sciences, Cosmos, Finance, War, Music and other creative arts – whatever the mind focuses on and with great intensity, and with the overpowering need to KNOW – it’s these kind of minds that become what we refer to as “genius.” 

Personally, I think I’ve been a curious human most all of my life. From a young age I built that mechanism to both seek to understand and to physically make form out of nothing – to pull ideas out of the ether and create something in the physical realm. To me, that is one of the prime purposes of life. If we were indeed “created in the image of God” doesn’t that mean God the Creator? 

I’ve often said “Man wasn’t created in the image of God. No, it’s the other way around – We created God in the image of Man.” 

But only in the physical sense… 

Humans have created their Gods with physical attributes, and none more than the Christian God. Hell, they’ve turned Jesus into God. (That’s another subject for another day) 

But my point is that we humans are Creators. Like God, we are here in this physical plane, on a little planet we call Earth, and are here to learn how to take unformed energy from the upper vibrational states (Cosmic Mind) and pull them into the mental sphere (our mind) and from there, consciously interpret them in the physical realm. – 

To make something out of nothing. 

My art, my music, my stories, my words, etc. come from this universal cosmic vibration. I seem to have cultivated a fertile enough mind and physical life that I’ve been able to pull some pretty wonderful ideas out of that vibrational state and make it real on our physical plane. I am so grateful for this ability. But I didn’t do it alone. I’ve had lots of help. And that is part of the equation. It’s not necessary for the host (the one receiving the idea) to be the soul creator. The host only needs to be the connecting force – the one who brings all the other minds into focus so that the idea can be made physical. That’s all I’ve done. I could not have accomplished all that I have without the help of other “geniuses.” 

And “genius” is a relative term. Because of my creative endeavors and accomplishments, I’ve occasionally been referred to as “a genius.” But let me set the record straight. I am nothing special. I’m not that smart. I struggle with so many things. But, I have learned to tap into the creative force that flows through us all. I’ve learned to better quiet my mind, my emotions, and become more receptive to that energy. I also act. Meaning I put ideas into action, instead of sitting on them like so many do because they don’t quite know what to do with the idea they received. Putting energy into an idea is what creates the magnetic force that brings other like minds together, drawn to the same light. Again, it’s all energy. A very simple concept once you wrap your brain around it. 

The more you create, the more receptive you become for more and and greater ideas. Pure hearted (less ego) minds are seemingly rewarded by more creative ideas. In truth, they have learned to better cultivate the vibrational field so that the pure idea flows more directly and freely (less obstacles – lower vibrational energies) so that the mind can quickly receive, interpret and implement the idea. As long as the mind can stay focused, uncluttered, and ego free, it will continue to receive amazing ideas. That’s what “God” (our supreme creator) wants for us. That’s why we are here – to learn how to manipulate thought into matter. To learn to create. That’s how we evolve. And into what? 


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