Accomplishing Goals


What must we do to accomplish our goals – our dreams? 


There are several key steps: 

  1. First, identify the goal. Be specific at first. Name it out loud. Bring the goal from the ether – the mind (the unformed state) – into the physical. By saying it out loud and then writing it down helps to give it more solid form. We live in the physical world – our job is to create form from the unformed – to basically use our mind to create matter. 
  2. Next, visualize the goal. As vividly as possible we should visualize our dream as if it is already accomplished. Not only how it looks, but more importantly how it feels. Step inside yourself as you own your goal. See the world from that perspective. Really feel it. Possess that feeling. “I AM THIS.” Begin to create the safe space within yourself for your goal to manifest. You’re building a nest inside your being for the goals (eggs) to gestate and hatch. You are creating a vibration that draws the goals to you – a safe and cozy place – where the goal can be born. Remember, it’s all about the right use of energy. We are magnets. We draw like vibrations to us. The greater the energy, the greater the vibrational pull. So visualize and feel your goal as if you already have it, and the Universe will follow. 
  3. Now, add Love. Not sexual romantic love (unless that’s the goal) but true love. True love is the time, effort and care you put into achieving anything. Doesn’t matter what it is. The more time, effort and care in which you work to accomplish anything – even cooking scrambled eggs – determines the outcome of that desired task. If your goal is to fly into space and work on the space station (or go to Mars, or wherever) you must first put in the needed time and effort in order to develop the tools necessary to get there. Education, stepping stone jobs and the gaining of experience in order to not only be ready for the job, but also to be the person best suited to deserve that job. You have to be the best of the best (or at least the best you can be). That may take enormous amounts of time, effort and quality care in order to accomplish your ultimate goal. You have to LOVE it in order to reach it. 

There are several questions we must ask ourselves before we chase a Dream. What is it we want, how fast do we want it, and what are we willing to do to accomplish it? 

Nothing comes from nothing. To accomplish our goals it takes effort and time. If you want the goal quickly, you must put more effort and time into reaching it. However, if you go too fast without enough preparation and care, you might not reach the goal you want, or be able to keep it if you’re lucky enough to get it. Great accomplishments cannot be won, or gifted – they need to be earned. That takes enormous effort. That effort may take time and a lot of care if you want the dream to last. 

One more thing – accomplishing your goal may require more than just time and effort and care… it may also include sacrifice – what you’re willing to give up in order to reach your goal. It may be as simple as giving up distractions – watching TV in the evenings, or surfing the net, or whatever it is you do in the the future that takes time away from accomplishing your goal. In some cases it may require spending less time with loved ones (but I hope not). There are some things that should still come first over reaching our goals. We shouldn’t sacrifice our values, our morals, our self respect, our personal relationships – especially our children and spouses. It is worth nothing to achieve our dreams by destroying all we hold dear in order to get there. Stealing your goal is not achieving it. You can’t truly own what is not earned. That’s not to say you can’t accept help. We all need help from others in some form. But taking what is not freely and fairly given does you no good in the long run. 

Karma will always catch up.

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