Land of Milk & Honey

“In the land of milk and honey the people worship greed and money.”

Land of Milk and Honey – 

White Light = Milk

Gold Light = Honey


America: “The Land of Greed and Power.

Many Americans claim America is a Christian nation, but they seems to have left the whole “Christ” thing out of the equation. The love for one another. Not judging each other. Generosity. Looking after each other. Basic caring about the world. You know, those things Jesus made a point of emphasis. Generally speaking, America does not worship the teachings of Jesus the Christ. Instead, America worships money and the power it brings. It worships greed. Love is transactional, not unselfish as Jesus tried to teach us. America is a selfish nation and wants what it wants when it wants it, and once it has what it wants, it wants more, and then it wants what others have, then it wants to keep all others from having a chance to get their fair share of Gods gifts to our world. America wants and wants and wants.

Not everyone in America feels this way. There are many individuals with pure hearts that recognize what I am pointing out and choose to live a more loving and generous life. But many more are caught in the middle. They see what they should do, but are so caught up in the “game” that it’s difficult for them to fully embrace what being a true Christian, or Muslim or Buddhist or any other faith based on unconditional love is all about. So many others not only embrace greed as a way of life, a sort of religion, they even celebrate it. Look at how American Christianity has turned Christmas into a celebration of greed. Spend, spend, spend! Go into debt! The more you owe the more the banks and credit card companies own you!

Let’s face it, the programming of greed is entrenched in our society and very difficult to turn away from. But we must try. So how do we turn away from a religion, a way of living that seems to own our souls? 

First, we must recognize the selfishness within ourselves. We need to see it and accept it before we can begin to change it. Once we recognize our own proclivity toward greed we must ask ourselves questions, starting with “Why?”

Why do I want what I want? How do my wants and the achievement of my wants affect my family, friends, community and world? Are my wants altruistic? Do they benefit others as much as they benefit me? Do I want more than I need? What do I do with my excess? Do I share my bounty or hold on to it? How do I use the power I have? Do I use it to control others or to help others? Do I want what others have? Do I use my power to take from others without a fair exchange? 

And if you find that you can answer these questions with an unselfish heart there is one more question to ask.

“How can I be of service?”

When we can align our wants – our desires, in line with that of the Divine – unselfish and with unconditional love, then we can begin to live a life in harmony with the entire Universe.