We Create our Reality

We Create our Reality

We create our reality… by how we think and what we do. We manifest it. The more we believe in a vision… a goal… a desired path… and the more we act it out – create it as close as we can to the ultimate vision in our everyday life – the more magnetism we have to attract what we need to make the vision real. It doesn’t mean everything will be done, it’s just that you’re given the tools to complete the task. It still takes work. A lot of personal work. 

So you have to want it… to want it enough to put the time and effort into getting what you want.

Or, you can become just one of the many out there in the world who just live moment to moment, no vision or goals… just riding out life however it comes. You go to work everyday to make enough money so you can continue to go to work tomorrow! You have no vision of either your present reality, or the future you fantasize about… if you do at all?

You work your asses off… if you’re lucky enough to have a job that doesn’t kill you… and you get a few days… weeks off so you can “rewire” yourselves. Only to need to go back to the system that keeps you here… the system we built to keep some in power and wealth while the rest fight amongst the scraps. 

And so you work until you have time to play… and then you go on vacation (Las Vegas) and play. And then you gamble and drink and use drugs and party until you must go back to the system.

And you do all this without even asking Why?

It’s that simple.

“I see dead people.”

I don’t mean that literally…. But figuratively, yes.

Most of us are living these existences without any understanding of where we are, how we are or why we are. Most never even contemplate the question. 

They’re not interested. Couldn’t be bothered because they are not aware.

And without awareness, there is no life. The Walking Dead.

I hope whoever is reading this is aware. That you have woken up to the awareness of your own existence. Basically you know you’re alive and you are starting to, or have been questioning the nature of reality and one’s place it it for some time. 

Because you need to question – Why?

And then seek the answers. 

Because we have built a system that is not viable In the long run. The system needs some fixing. But only those who are awake and aware, those who can rise above greed and the need to go crazy will be able to properly improve it.

I see how it works. I don’t quite understand all the how’s and whys… but I’m looking.

We are trapped in a sort of matrix. It’s a cruel system that just rewards the most cunning and the offspring of the most cunning, while the more deserving human beings struggle to survive.

We need to evolve.

Evolve the entire system.

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