“The Divine Creator has no religion. So neither shall I.”


“if” is the middle word in “Life.”


“The habits you make become the life you create.”


“We only know what we know by our interpretation of the memories from our past personal experiences.”


“We don’t get to choose how long we live, only how short.”


“At birth, we are given a treasure of moments to last our life.  It is up to us how we spend those moments.”


“Ideas are the fireflies we chase with big butterfly nets.”


“We need to think for ourselves, or others are gonna do it for us!”


“What doesn’t kill us, saves us for the next meal!”


“Angels go unnoticed. Ask nothing in return…”


“Out of chaos the Universe was born.”


“The first rule of life – Don’t be an idiot.”


“The grass may indeed be greener on the other side, but do you fertilize your own lawn?”


“Look for the best in others and you’ll find the best in yourself.”


“There are never ones so blind as those who refuse to open their eyes.”


“The future of yesterday is the here and the now.”


“Don’t be owned by the things you only think you own.”


“Beauty is the balance between order and chaos.”


“Train Right or Train Wreck!”


“We humans have 4 options as the world moves forward in time: Progress, Regress, Stagnate or Die.”


“The future is written by the choices we make. Be careful the fate you choose.”


“Acting is the process of exploring deeper truths through lying.”


“Simple kindness is a rare commodity. But if you spend it abundantly you will never run out.”


“Kindness and decency costs each of us so little and yet it profits the world so much. They should be our greatest investments.”


“We’re all in this together… no matter who you root for.”


“All religions are cults. Some are just larger and more accepted than others.”


“Magic is unrealized science.”


“The biggest turds draw the most flies.”


“True freedom resides in the realms beyond heaven.”


 “Embrace the notion of unexpected change.”


“No one knows anything. Those who say they do are the proof.”


“The Way of Zen – Discovering beauty where most would never look.”


“Beauty is not the package. It is the gift inside.”


Con-fus-ed says – “I don’t know.”



“Congratulations. You have done everything right.  You have made all the necessary mistakes to lead you to this moment…

Now what are you going to do?”